The purpose of this app is to diagnose abnormalities in pregnancy, diabetes, hepatitis-C, pneumonia and cardiovascular system.

Users with one of these conditions can self-diagnose themselves by answering simple questions posed by the app. 

How to?
Register yourself by clicking here.

1. Start Diagnia, log in with your account
2. After login, press one of these buttons "Pregnancy" , "Pneumonia", "Heaptitis-C", "Diabetes", and "Cardiovascular"
2. Then press the button "Diagnose"
3. You'll get a screen posing the first question
4. After selecting the appropriate answer, press "NEXT"
5. After the series of questions completes, you'll see a "FINISH" button
6. Press the "FINISH" button and you'll get your results
7. You can view your previous diagnosis results by pressing the "Results" button within each condition.

Manage Pregnancy?
1. You can Add, Edit and View your current pregnancy by pressing "Manage" button on "Pregnancy" screen
2. You can also view your previous completed pregnancies by pressing "History" button on "Pregnancy" screen


This project is developed by Biomedical Informatics Research Laboratory (BIRL) at Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), Lahore, Pakistan.

The clinical knowledge base used in this application has been obtained from the Merck© Manuals. Out of the 16 pregnancy related abnormalities in the Merck© Manuals, the app currently diagnoses "preeclampsia".

Diagnia models were developed using GeNIe Developer and Diagnia app is based on SMILE (Structural Modeling, Inference, and Learning Engine). Both, GeNIe Developer and SMILE Engine, are available from BayesFusion, LLC, at

CAUTION: All predictions and suggestions made by the App are prone to error and might not be reflective of the actual patient/user conditions. Please consult your physician/doctor before acting on any suggestions/conclusion provided by Diagnia. The developers bear no responsibility towards any eventuality under any circumstances as a result of using this App, in any way.